Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend happenings

Well, Saturday was another day of construction, painting, and doing many things around the clinic, much needed work, and all focused on the weekend since the clinic is closed. Painting of the dentist's and medical doctor's room made a rather marked improvement in the look of the rooms. Pouring the pad for the parking/entrance area near the containers began as well. The focus shifted part of the afternoon as some needed rain fell, but the time was filled with more painting and sorting clothes.

Sorting clothes was important for Sunday afternoon's clothing distribution. There were quite a few people waiting for us when we got there, we estimate well over 300 people were there, especially since just in pictures taken of the children was more than 140. The distribution went very well and was a big success for the Church there (which had a huge banner hanging waiting for us that said "Welcome", very humbling).

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