Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Never a dull moment

Well, the FAME group came and went, but not without a last example for them about the ever present rule for mission

We were anticipating unloading the latest Master Proivision clothing container hopefully on Friday. Honduras customs had other ideas. Their system went down, and as such, we were told not to expect the computer up and running for the container to get out until Monday.

And as such we were reminded of the ever present rule of mission flexible.
Monday came....and the container? Well, long about 3:30 we get the call. Everyone was pleased as punch, but at least we would have it unloaded and be done with it. Or so we thought. At about 5:00 after we did all the prep work necessary to get the space needed, I called to see where Oscar was with the truck. "Only a block away" he said. He also pointed out they had been there for some time. The guy was stuck, and not going anywhere. Long story short, his clutch or something was not good, and suggested we unload a 1/3 of the container to help the situation. We declined, as that would mean many trips in the truck, which would take an inordinate amount of time, and it was already getting late. After much discussion, we left the container there in the street, put some locks on it, got another truck (the company knew his truck was not in top shape, and also knew which other truck to send to get the load up the hill) on the way here.

Starting at 5:00am the next day, the work began to get the load balanced, rocks thrown under the tires of the new semi, and by 9:15am or so, the load was at the clinic, just in time for the group to see it come we left for the airport. I can not say I was terribly disappointed I did not get to help unload. (a small portion of the load seen here at right)

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