Friday, June 15, 2007

Work keeps on comin'

The work around the clinic on Thursday was very helpful to the mission. The group arranged all the medicines that came in their bags, arranged the medical container, put the medicines in order, and took out all the surgical supplies that we had accumulated over the past year or so, and prepped them for transport to the local public hospital today. They also cleaned up some of the clothes from the clothing ministry, did some paint prep work, and enjoyed a nap when it dumped some pretty hard rain in the afternoon (rain which as it turns out, did considerable damage down in the other parts of town, and even took the life of a small girl).

The hospital visit was like most...stressful, difficult, wonderful, and encouraging all at the same time. God had several appointments made for us in advance, and it was our privledge to follow through with them.

No time to go into more details now, but God is good, all the time, and showing it to us over and over again, encouraging us in the work He has for us to do. Praise be His name!

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Anonymous said...

Hey -found our blog-just wanted to say we made it home-got into Indy around 12:30-like crazy Americans-drove all night and got a couple of hrs of sleep-up and goin! So-Jake and I enjoyed our trip to Honduras-your hospitality-and meeting your family-hope all is going well w/ you and you got the truck unloaded-wow, what a job! Blessings, Amy in Illinois