Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lazy, not-so-hazy Sunday

Ah, it strikes me right now as I have spare time that I have neglected the ol' blog. Why you ask? Principally because I have been pretty busy with a group, and without any positive feedback about posting while groups are here for a more in depth look, I have just been away while the group was here.

We took the Ford in yesterday. Hopefully just solenoids, but the starter was acting up, and I understand that if the starter is kaput...the truck will not start even popping the clutch. As that was the case presented to me, I decided that might need to be fixed sooner rather than later.

I noticed today while putting air in all of the Musso's tires that none of them would pass muster in the US of A. Good thing I live here. Since it does not see as much off road action lately I am not planning on new tires any time soon. (we really should be planning on replacing it in the future...because it only does not see action because a five seater for mission duty is rarely big enough for us now-a-days...and even without groups is not big enough for Valerie to get the entire mara* in on her way to the clinic. When the Ford is out, I use the Defender, and vice versa. Sometimes either is not in great shape, and that hurts. Fortuitously, this has not happened yet when something of its particular calibur is required.

We played at Union Church today. It is always fun...I hope the audience has fun in worshipping as well. Now if I would just practice in the meantimes like I should, my fingers would not be sore by the end of the service. At least I still had the knack to whip up a song for the prelude yesterday on the piano.

I am sure I will have something to say with some relevance at some point in the week. Consider this my lazy post of just general stuff. I feel better getting that off my fingers, don't you?

*mara being a Spanish word used in reference to a gang, in this instance used to refer to the gaggle or gang of people that we pick up on the way to clinic on a daily basis. Routinely there can be as few as 3 people in the car to as many (and with much greater frequency) 9-10.

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