Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Has the world gone topsy turvy?

First of all, this is going to be a weird post...even for me.

1. I heard someone use the word blatherskite. Not since my days of Darkwing Duck I had heard that. Minor occurance I am sure we would all agree.

2. Then my father sends me a picture, and then tells me the story. I was not expecting that his trip in Las Vegas would end up with him meeting a few members of the Temptations. Ok, that is odd I suppose, but then him telling me he took the chance to sing with them...in the airport, ok, that is pretty, well, weird. I am sure I would have been...feeling something if I would have been there.

3. And after my joking of late about my Presbyterian background and their form of baptism, (the idea of naming the downstairs shower "the extreme Presbyterian baptism" has been bantied about) my father sends me yet another picture, this time of a real (dig dig) baptism, a Presbyterian baptism (no membership cards were presented, but I think it is safe to trust him on this one) at Adams Mill in Indiana. Proving once again, no matter what some people have told me (yes, for real)...being Presbyterian is not wrong in and of itself .

4. And on a spiritual side of things, I heard a sermon on Sunday(and quite by Godicidence heard the prior sermon on this topic preached two years ago on my mp3 player the next day) talking about the nature of John 3:16, and the translational errors that are reflected in almost all modern translations. It would take too long to go into in this forum, but it is enough to say that the Greek has the verse reading "In this way God so loved..." going back to prior verses, and basically showing that verse to be qualitative not quantitative in God's love for us. It requires some thought, study, and further explanation, but it is quite helpful in understanding the context and meaning of the verse that so many in the world can quote but do not really understand. The sermon is not up on the website yet, but when it is, it is worth a listen (or two). Look for the title "A Lesson On The Kingdom Of God (Part 4)" at http://www.unionchurchhonduras.com/ sometime after this post hits the fan.

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