Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Container coming

Well, we thought the clothing container was coming today. We were least in terms of what we thought was acceptable. It was ready to leave right before 5:00, but that was not going to work for us. Hopefully tomorrow will work out well.

Hopefully? Prayerfully is more like it. I have to be there at 8:30 (prayerfully) to escort the truck to the clinic. The road is terrible. We hope to take a slightly alternate route to achieve getting him in the big gate (prayerfully...big time), and have the container unloaded in such a time to be on the road to Comayagua for the court appointment about the accident Oscar had (more big time prayer on the outcome there) as well as getting the supplies we need to finish taking up attached to my Ford and up and down the hill and back to Teguc before dark.

Sounds easy enough....for God.

Today brought its own problems and opportunities. I had to run errands with the kids (a long story) and they did a very good job working with me and my oddities on how things go down. Then we were to pick up the Ford and drop off the Musso at the shop. I got the Ford, but quickly found that the new front brake pads were not adjusted properly on the driver's was sticking...kind of a bad scene. So we had to take it back, and wait in the small waiting room for an hour and a half for them to fix it and try to get Cecilia to school. Better late than never...I got to see the kids in the class greet Cecilia with a little song that said something to the effect..."the turtle, the turtle, arrived slow again." I felt bad since that is not Cecilia's fault...and she was worried about getting to class on time. Ugh, that was tough for me to see, while strangely funny and good to see that time was valued in some sense.

Valerie and the rest of the clinic were off when I arrived as Marlen's grandma died yesterday and they were on their way to the funeral. Reina was somehow (no pregnant ladies today) to see all 25 patients that showed up this morning regardless, with Ruth helping her see four or so as well.

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