Friday, August 24, 2007

Interesting day

Well, the container did not make it...not even close. We had to unload it via pick up trucks...always fun. But it got done, no great harm done.

Oscar went to trial for the accident...the police said he was at fault for everything. We are debating challenging the ruling, but wonder if it will do any good. Praise God for insurance, either way or the cost would have been hard to fathom.

We arrived home to find out that Dr. Nicolas had died around noon. We went to a memorial service last night, the burial to be today at 11:00am. That was quite a shock to us all since we had been so busy this week and were just expecting him to be brought home at any time. Well, he was taken home, just not the one we were thinking about. His kids told us that they were 100% sure he was saved before he died (which happened in the hospital)...praise God for that. We will miss him but look forward to seeing him soon as well.

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