Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Eye've got a feeling

Construction began today with the First Christian Church of Brazil Indiana group. I began by helping moving the Ford up to the corner of the property to unload some rocks we would need later in the day. Simple enough, right?

First off, the road on that side of the property is extremely muddy, which posed some problems getting up there. But eventually, the mighty Ford prevailed.

Then we started unloading the rocks. Simple enough, right? Until I stand in the path of an oncoming rock that is.

My first thought, which I believe I verbalized, was "OH GOD!", not quite in the blasphemic way, as I really was crying out to Him who could make sense of the sudden pain that struck my face, which I quite immediately gathered would have probably been a big rock (pointy too I later found out). This after I noticed some red substance on my gloves when I raised my hand to the affected area.

I walked immediately to the clinic, after excusing myself and accepting the guilt for the incident, to get an emergency consult with my favorite optometrist, knowing that her joy at seeing me would be added to with the blood running down my face (for those that do not know...Valerie hates the sight of blood, and has been known to faint...often...even with her own blood).

After assuring me nothing was wrong (even with my uneven pupil dilation), and installing a dilating drop in the affected eye (for inflammation), I proceeded to the mission house to rest until 11:00am, whereupon I went down to move a few rocks, but was still a little woozy, for some odd reason.

I still have my eye due to the great protection afforded to me by my Oakley sunglasses. They took the proverbial lickin, and kept on...well, being sunglasses and not little pieces. Had I not been wearing them, the rock would have went right into my eye, as seen by the resultant scratches and dents. And some mock me with my affinity for eye/sun them I say, mock on!

Updates on my sight to be posted on this site if my sights are redirected to further treatment, otherwise I will hopefully recover soon and be on the ball, so to speak....probably ordering some more sunglasses.

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