Friday, September 21, 2007

Raindrops keep pounding on my head

You know, it seems to me that an inordinate number of times that we go to El Patio with a group, it rains the most. What does it mean? I do not know. Today during the milk project and soccer time it rained...and rained, and rained some more, hard rain, unusual rain...well, unusual except for on days we go to El Patio. The area down from the clinic where the water usually pools pooled in such a way that made it unpassable, forcing us to choose an alternate route. What fun. But no problems were had, and we all made it there and back safe and sound.

This morning we made our way to the local public hospital with some of the youth group from the Church to visit the children in various areas, including HIV/AIDS, orthapedics, surgery, infant care, dialysis, physical therapy, and the cancer chemotherapy ward. Whew. Included among the children was one parent who came up to me as I came in to check on the rest of the group. It seems she regonized me from a visit some time ago (she mentioned as much as two years), and wanted me to pray for her daughter she has had one surgery as can be seen from the picture, and is to have another on Tuesday or Wednesday. She would appreciate all our prayers for her daughter. There were many such stories as you can imagine there, that is just one of the many hearts that have been touched, are touched, and are being touched through that portion of the ministry and by those that have been there when God's face was needed.
This group from Christ's Church leaves tomorrow. It seems like they just got here! As usual, we will be sad to see them go, but also grateful for their time here, and the time together as a family these coming weeks before I head off to the US.

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