Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Melon Ciego

Well, the group left on Saturday, which means my life is pretty plain. And no watching puddles gather rain since of course it has not rained since they left. But I am not complaining there is no rain. And although it is sad they have departed, my cheeks are dry eh.

No rain is good for the road to the clinic. Some major work was done on Saturday and Sunday to make some repairs...Saturday down in the more populated Ciudad Lempira, and Sunday morning with a make-shift crew of neighbors digging a ditch and trying to throw some "stuff" into the road to make it more passable. That poor road. Many a visitor has comented that it's not sane. Sick perhaps. Or just a bad road. Who can say? One way or another we are really going to have it made. Of course, a road made in the traditional sense might take a few decades, but you know we're really gonna have it made.

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