Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ups and downs

The trip to Sampedrana (you perhaps wondered where we had been?) went well. Up the mountain we went on Monday and began the work set out for us to do, that being stucco work on the new storage facility while the roofing process continued above, and painting the pastor's home (lovely, familiar color don't you think?) outside, and even most of the inside with a nice reflective white (remember, no electricity...white helps visibility in low light situations.)

At night we watched some very deep movies with the Finding Nemo and Spiderman II. Finding spiritual connections to everyday from those movies...not overly hard. David also gave a sermon to introduce Spiderman II.

(At left) Workers enjoying themselves tremendously through work, laughing at camermanr, or just giddy with joy over the prospect of a two hour Spiderman movie delight? You be the judge.

(At left, part 2) Breakfast of champions shown at left...cheese and crackers, with bakery bought pastries and cookies. And of course do not forget the cup of fresh coffee.

Getting eventually down the mountain proved a challenge with some fairly intense rains making the road...interesting, and the local bus needing our help (twice...once the Ford to get up a mountain, then later the Defender to push then pull it off the rock it got highspotted on) to make progress. The driver usually uses his passengers to pull the vehicle out, but did not have enough today to get the job done. Nothing like paying for the oppotunity to work I suppose. We made it unscatched back to Comayagua, and then on to Teguc, with the rain sticking with us most of the way.

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