Saturday, September 15, 2007

Christ's Church arrival

Ah, the group has arrived. I was amazed at the speed with which they exited customs. How amazed? They were waiting on me when I arrived. Of course, had I been there promplty when the plane landed, surely that would have been the day they would have been delayed by bad weather, lost luggage or some other sure thing via Murphy's postulate.

At right we have a typical gringo cart while in Honduras. In case it is hard to see, we have coffee, quite a bit of coffee, vanilla, hurricane sauce, jalapeƱo popcorn, plantain chips, coke, m&ms, more chips, and more pop (oh, sorry, it is "coke", I forgot.)

They got a tour of the new bakery as well, with less people than the inaugaration it was interesting to take a good look at the "behind the scenes" and hear more about the progress being made. Oh, and hearing they will be making pizza sometime soon was encouraging as well. Apparantly one of the brothers working there worked seven years at Pizza Hut.

And on a personal note, our friend Soren came up this afternoon, just to fix my cell phone...and visit, which for several months has been held together with a rubber band. He was able to stay for dinner, which was just as nice as my fixed cell phone.

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