Saturday, October 20, 2007

Catch up, no mustard

Well, let us see where I left off! Al, Paige and Denny have been using any free time to help build bunk beds in the warehouse for future groups (nicer double bunks instead of the death defying, forty feet high triples). Thursday we did an eye brigade (with the four of them and three from the clinic...Karol and the two nursing students) in Pueblo Nuevo, where we saw 107 patients. No publicity was done, which turned out to be a good thing obviously or we would have been over-run. Many stories there (including the man who was 88 and came for his first eye exam) but I am pressed for time.

Friday we visited San Juancito to check out the construction on the Church meeting place, which is coming along nicely. They did not know we were coming, just pastor Celio, but several women were out there sifting sand and mixing concrete for the mason who was doing the block laying. It is really coming along.

Friday night was Cecilia's "Queen of the school" competition or whatever. After multiple voting opportunities (by applause) Cecilia beat out the 5th grader in the running. Valerie said she was very well behaved during the entire three hour event (well, two hours...they started an hour late), and she discovered during the whole thing that somehow Cecilia knows everyone at the school! Surely her outgoing personality helped in the voting. Valerie asked if they had ever had a queen this young before...which they had not, but despite Valerie's questioning, she was assured that it was fine/great/acceptable. Valerie still felt sorry for the older girls who lost. However, should she not be able to fulfill her duties as queen...well, that remains to be seen.

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