Monday, October 22, 2007

What time is it?

Today is Monday. I am flying on Wednesday. What?

Today I went to get supplies for buildin the bunk beds (wood,bolts, screws) and got them all up to the clinic. Luckily the hardware stores actually had what we needed, or close enough.

But most of the day most of us worked on putting a floor and pouring the floor for a latrine for Aide's house. She has struggled with both of those issues for years, so it was great that this oppotunity to get it done came up (and the funding came through). Tomorrow is finishing up the walls of the latrine (the breeze is nice, but not that nice) and getting as many bunkbeds built as possible.

I personally however will be running errands all morning, trying to get final things done to keep things as easy for Valerie as possible, and organized for me not to worry too much on Wednesday.

Plus today, a bus backed into the Ford. No big damage, he was stopped and rolled back, denting the fender, but it will require repair sooner or later.

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