Sunday, October 14, 2007


We played at Union Church today. It was good, we had the most practice together we have had this weekend, and my mic was actually on (last time I accidently left it off) so it was good. I need a pickup for the guitar though, as the volume with the mic fluctuates if I move my body (and thus the guitar) at all.

This afternoon Rex and Christine came over, with their kids and we had a good time of fellowship. The property their Church is buying to build on is just behind where we live, which is pretty cool.

More rain today. Flooding down South has killed two, and worries are on the rise over the crops and the subsequent food prices. Everything food related has been going up in price recently. I commented tonight, if the gringos are noticing it, then it must be pretty bad. You name it, the price has spiked recently. This affects mostly those that go to the open market with the same amount of money...and are just able to buy less now.

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