Friday, October 12, 2007

Random things

Well, what an interesting day yesterday and today. We must be in the middle of some storm system, because the rain keeps coming and going...all day, which is rather unusual (but welcome) here. It almost makes me feel like I am living somewhere else it is that unusual.
Band practice last night for playing at the Union Church went very well. It is quite enjoyable to practice in such an atmosphere. We really enjoy getting that time not only together, but with the other members of the team. For those that do not know, we only usually get to do that once a month...sometimes less.
So I am looking out my window yesterday at one of the many flights of deportees from the US, and imagine my surprise to see a new plane (we have several that make the flight quite regularly.) Now, I can not be 100% sure this is a deportee plane, but for several reasons I am relatively confident. Can you read what is written on the plane? "Funjet vacations" I will let the irony drip on its own.

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