Sunday, October 7, 2007

Still crazy

And still sick. This time the common cold came in after the recovery from whatever was first. Ugh. No running for almost a week! Fortunately, I suppose, I can still sit in front of the computer and do non-stop accounting and paperwork catch up to try to get ahead of the game and everything done before the US trip. That is no small task, and will take up part to most of this week as well.

Not to mention the work starting on the new clinic building. Nothing overly eye catching to start of course, the ramp up the hill, and this week the glamarous.....the enchanting...the very necessary...septic tank. After that is all done, and some minor other work around the property, the work will end while we are in the US and then hopefully start full up when we get back to start the work on the walls, etc. I suppose that means I have something else to do...finalize what the layout is going to be now that the available property to build on has changed and opened up new (and hopefully cheaper) possibilities than we first envisioned.

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