Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Work continues here, but of the unglamorous kind. Very important, but definitely not something that would normally be contemplated as part of a job such as these. Even while sick, all weekend and every day this week I have been pouring through the accounting portion of the work here...getting things right, in order, organized, and preparing for next year, including trying to come up with a budget.

I must enjoy it on some level, or I would be looking for excuses not to do it, instead of waking up and going to sleep to it, but I would probably not describe it as the most fun. I jokingly thought of taking a picture of me at the computer for our presentation in the US. "This slide shows me hard at work during a brigade, here pouring concrete, oh, and here, this is exciting, is me trying to get the balance on funds received from the US in knowing what was designated for specific outreach and what was for general mission work. Note that I am in fact using 18.8951 for Lempira conversion instead of the often used 'average' exchange of 18.90. You would be surprised at the difference that can make over the course of a year!" Oooooh, aaaah.

Hopefully I can get it all done before our next group arrives next Wednesday. What? That is in one week! I better get busy.

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