Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shinin

Well, here we are, in Grayson KY. Oscar's dream of visiting yet another state are fulfilled. It was an interesting drive (good thing I was not driving or we might not have made it...just that stimulating), and we are staying the night getting ready to get to work tomorrow morning.

What are we doing here? Some of you might know that Grayson is the home of Kentucky Christian University. Rick from FAME invited us to join him on the trip, as the purpose is to talk to the nursing students here about the FAME medical trips they can take for credit in June every year. That plus "lecturing" at two different classes, one for each of us, which should prove to be interesting.

Before heading down we stopped at FAME to continue to help get things ready for the container shipping on Saturday. We did that yesterday too until 8:30 at night. Hopefully that will make things go smoother on Saturday. Between the two days, we were very blessed to get donations from several different people and Churches who made the trip to help drop things off. We definitely would not have what we have or be able to do what we do without that help. If I was wearing a hat, it would be off to all of you. It may seem like not a big deal, but getting it done in real life is a little more complex than all that.

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