Sunday, November 25, 2007

Deer reader

What a weekend. We met with a group coming from slightly different parts of Indiana and Michigan on Saturday, stopped by to see some friends down in the Indian Lake area of Indianapolis that came this past summer (I had never been in that area before), and then Oscar finally got his wish Saturday night...a venison delight thanks to our friend, brother, Brad...aka "el hombrelon." The venison stew was delicious despite including sweet potato and pineapple which you would think would not be a great combo...but you would be wrong, or at least I was. Then the very tasty venison steaks...that had to be washed for Oscar to enjoy them (Southwestern spice not something Oscar is fond of trying.)
This morning we got to share a little with the congregation at Sherwood Oaks about the changes in the work in Honduras, hear a great sermon (and great music) about prayer and why we do that which we do, and what we really should pray about and for. You would think I worked hard to end that last sentence with two prepositions, but why for that would I do?

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