Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday?

Why do they call it Black Friday? It is Friday, I get that...but black? Ah, who knows. Sounds like a media frenzy creating device.

But, just to be different, and due to finding some deals we wanted to take advantage of, we decided for both our first times ever, to become part of the early morning frenzy. Why? Well, call it the thirst for bargains combined with more than a smidge of morbid curiosity. Plus, we could do it all and be back before my parents woke up.

Our first and principal target: Best Buy for a good laptop we can use, and subsequently sell the ones we have in Honduras. As I waited in line, I heard the lady behind me mention she was tired. Not that odd I figured since it was so early. So, being the cathy-chatty that I am, I asked her when she got in line, assuming she had probably bested our time of showing up at 4:50AM. She replied 10:30. I first wondered how she got there at 10:30am when it was in fact only 5:30AM...and then it dawned unto my consceince that she in fact had been standing in the 25 degree weather since last night...standing up. Ugh. She did get a ticket for the $220 laptop with printer...which was a good deal....I am just not sure it is that good of a deal. Luckily the laptop we wanted did not require being there before 3:00am to get a special ticket the likes of which has been seen last perhaps via Willy Wonka.

In the end, we both got the main purchases we wanted, I was absolutely shocked to see so many people in so many places (including a line of cars at the hardware store Menards that not only flowed out into the street, but actually had people of this country jumping the curb to park in the grass! Imagine it!), and Oscar even found some leftover items at two more stores he wanted. And indeed we were home before 8:30, without anyone even knowing we had been gone. Just in time to get ready to do some demo and packing for the container in the nice afternoon sun.

Oh, and for those keeping track, Oscar did finally admit that this morning was in fact...cold. Especially standing outside for a few minutes waiting in line.
So are we amongst the ranks of the crazed? Yes, but you probably already knew that then, did you not?

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The Mom (Leah) said...

You were actually on a mission trip! You were there to purchase the laptop for the Honduras mission. Congratulations! Marty and I were on a mission trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics at 5:45 a.m. to buy flannel for the diaper ministry. 131 yards and 20 minutes later our mission was accomplished!