Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just keep swimming

Well, we find ourselves this morning in beautiful Fort Wayne Indiana. We are enjoying a good visit with Aaron and Kara, as well as last night visiting and sharing about God's work in Honduras with some brothers and sisters from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Peru. It was the first time I have given our presentation in Spanish, which was pretty cool, just talking with them about different things (and seeing their interest in the electropanel construction method we are using...a different reaction than we get from most people that live here.)

In good gringo tradition, we finally (for the first time) made some time for personal (and mission of course) shopping at ye olde mall. My mom had 30% off at Kohls, so we tried to take advantage and do as much shopping as we could considering the deals were so good, and we might not have time otherwise. Of course, a trip to Lafayette eventually has to include Olive Garden, which gave us more opportunities to practice our Spanish with one of the employees there from Mexico. Chalk me up for yet another "ay, que bien habla el espaƱol!" and some interesting conversation with her about learning English versus people here learning Spanish. Interesting people are all around us if we only take the time to move our heads sometimes.

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