Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lost time is never found

That was a sign I saw at a Church this week. Churches here certainly do like using their signs for bumper sticker like effectiveness. I have no particular comment on it, just find it interesting.

Speaking of, it is certainly flying here. We have been running and gunning, as it were, getting from different Church visits at night, to some in the morning (leaving at 4:30Am was a new twist) to chili suppers and more, it has been mind numbingly fast, but no falling asleep at the wheel or anything, so that is good. Arriving alive is always a plus. Especially with five deer sightings today. Fun for Oscar...not quite so entertaining for the driver (at least at first anyway.)

Speaking of keeping busy, pictured right here is my brother Chad with his daughter Abi...or should I say Oscar's new girlfriend. She formally asked for him to take her on a date Friday.

I heard someone say this past week "I have lost all faith in the human race." I suppose this might be counter intuitive for some, but my initial reaction was....Amen! Having faith in beings destined to fail, to disappoint and in general not fulfill what we need in our lives, is, in a word...misplaced. Long story short: God is faithful, we are not. What surprises me most is that we somehow seem to fail to see this. History shows us from the very beginning in the Garden and every step of the way that we are sinners. Then again, accepting that mankind is depraved is not exactly something likely to make it on a motivational poster. Nevertheless...

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