Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tired all over

Well, I keep stabbing at the administrative pile o' work constantly waiting for me.

Today also involved the joy of getting the Defender worked on some more (the violent shimmy at 30mph is finally gone) with the alarm demons, and getting the front windshield re-done in tint...(falling apart, and it was too dark at night anyway.) Ah, what joy.

Finding the money for the eight tires we need is also interesting. I was going to get four for the Defender today (all four are looking rough...two constantly need air, and have been patched each at least once before) but the ones Pricesmart had were not exactly what I was looking for (price or the tire itself.) Of course the Musso is right there needing some as well, although a different size of course (we got two years out of both sets, which is about par for us and good for the conditions here.)

So, I guess that means the fun task of comparison shopping. And for tires no less. Which is harder as December is the worst traffic month of the year, all day and night except for early morning rush hour when you would expect it. Why? More people off of work (all of the kids on the typical Honduran school schedule get out the end of November.) and plenty of time to spend all that Christmas money they have...or just like the not have. So trying to do regular shopping is even more time consuming than normal.

Do you think Valerie would enjoy her Christmas present being new tires?

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