Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How we roll

The Ford got out of surgery, looking almost as good as new (we opted not to paint the bars in the back or the mule killer until we find a cheap rhinolining paint that won't rub off with the constant wear they get.

The Defender has new tires...looks great, and rides much better (I guess I should feel proud we got almost the maximum use out of those tires...or if not proud, at least "frugal")

It is funny, when we have groups, I love driving the Ford or the Defender...but when it is just us, or trying to get around town to do things...neither is as easy to get around the narrow roads and parking areas of Teguc as the Musso. Funny how that works. So, during the week while Valerie is working, I use the Defender and Valerie uses the Musso. Good for the moment that all three are available.

Especially nice that Valerie can use the Musso easier now (without bottoming out, losing traction on the bad tires there too, or continually needing its 4x4) since they fixed the dirt road to the clinic. For how long....that is the question, but at least we should not have to worry much about unloading the next few containers (two of which should be unloading in the next week or so.)

Much more to come the rest of this week. I should get some pictures up here of what has been going on later this week.

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The Mom (Leah) said...

I don't remember the road to the clinic being dirt. Seemed like it was all that volcanic, sharp, pitch-you-in-the-air-till-you-hit-your-head rock.