Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Prayer comes in different packages

Christmas was good. Rosanne and Andrew arrived with no problems (although the airport was the busiest I have ever seen it) and we spent yesterday running errands (feel like standing in line at the bank for an hour or more during the evening rush?) building bunk beds, treating/painting bunk beds, getting glasses ready for the eye brigade today, sorting toys, etc. I am tired already and we have not left yet this morning for the eye brigade....but I know He who gives us strength, so I am not concerned.

I had to share with you Cecilia's prayer Christmas night for supper. Not so much as a doting father, but as one surprised at the insight children are sometimes given. I can't share all of it, and have to paraphrase ever so slightly if my memory fails me, but there were two key phrases that went "Thank you Jesus that you're still worth it" and "thank you that you're still living."

When is that last time I prayed something like that? Something that sums up the world, struggles and life? And in such a matter of fact, I believe it way? Wow. I was stunned, if not at the prayer than more in my lack of thinking/believing it myself as I ought.

Bottom line: I needed that.

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