Sunday, December 23, 2007

Growing eh?

The annual Christmas party for the mission was Friday night. As you can see...we had to make extra room from last year. You can also see Miguel there in the bottom right of the picture estrenando (uh...I can not believe I have to go look up how to say that in English)...he is debuting his new shirt (we got some sample Izod products in the latest clothing container) which is common here at Christmas time parties, get togethers, etc.

I did not try to count how many people were there...representing all different areas of the ministry in terms of paid and volunteer staff. If we invited everyone that had worked with us just in the past year...well, we would have needed to clean out the garage. Praise God for how many lives he is touching in the those through jobs, their families, those directly ministered to through their actions, as well as those we might never hear about here on this Earth.

You can see some of our special guests here in the picture at left, or the video below. The guitarists were great (many of us bought one or more of their CDs) as well as the international singing guests, treating us to a song that was sung in both English and Spanish. That's right, Feliz Navidad. I hope José Feliciano is still cashing lots of royalty checks...because both girls knew the song because it is played all the time here, in amongst other English and Spanish Christmas songs. It was a the guitarists kept playing as long as they kept singing...and they might still be singing had we not forcibly stopped them with applause and hugs.

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Mallory said...

I loved reading about the Christmas party and seeing the pictures and video!! :) I'm soooo excited about this summer! I'm praying for you (previous blog) and your family and for the mission. You all are awesome!