Friday, December 7, 2007

Sigh, pray, move on

Lest I paint too rosey a picture of life here, and it is quite rosey let us not forget as we are in the beyond capable hands of He who brought us here, of course life, as it is, goes on here just as anywhere else.

Care to pray about it? Here goes:

More things are coming up missing around our house. The group money that was disappearing was alarming enough, then a mp3 player, then while I was gone my father-in-law's jacket, now my cell phone (which I did not take with me...whoever took it got a half-broken phone!), and other small things. Disturbing not only because we use those "things", but also because we do not have strangers in the house...only people we trust, or thought we could trust. We have had to phase out whom we think is guilty, and are waiting to see if more things come up missing, or if that fixes the problem. If it does...then we would be obligated as a brother and sister in Christ to confront her with the possibility.

The cars. The Defender is now in running order. Valerie had that fixed while I was gone for some steering vibrations. Now comes time for the Musso. And the Ford needs some body work as well for a hit we received back in October. The Blue Ford has been plagued with getting the parts needed to fix it after its accident back in August. It might come to us having to buy the rest or they are not sure they can ever get them for us. (Why not, I found almost all of them on eBay?) Good thing we have some spare vehicles I suppose. God be praised for that.

The roads to the clinic are still bad...but new hope emerges as a road crew was working on fixing them today. As always, this is a band-aid fix for, keeping the metaphor, is a gaping flesh wound problem, but perhaps it will end up being passable for the semi containers at least until next rainy season. If I don't bottom out in the Musso for a while, I am sure it will appreciate it...or at least not break anything.

On the clinic property, somebody ran into one of the gate supports we put up. Obviously a tall load, but distressing because to fix it will be a huge deal (read: $$$), not to mention I noticed some graffiti on the same gate (for the Church buses) this afternoon.

The septic tank we dug? The guys that were supposed to finish the job the day we left did not do so properly. Not a make-or-break thing, but disturbing. More disturbing is that they did not plug the escape hatch...which should have been done, so our neighbors, as if to further prove we need the fence up, have been throwing their trash in the hole. So, before it can be properly sealed, now someone will have to go in, fish everything out, and get it out of the top of the hole. Rest assured, that someone will not be me.

That is pretty much it really. Not a big list of gripes. Nice to have a pressure valve sometimes. God is good, we will get it all done/fixed/working, and His name will be praised. I suppose as long as the last one happens, none of the rest really matters, now does it?

I feel better about you?

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