Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm back baby

Have I mentioned how much my parents have been helpful beyond words in our trip to the US? These kind of things done on one when one prepares to depart for the airport shortly after 4:00 this morning.

By the by, I stayed up last night to get a run in on the treadmill and finished a very good movie...12 O'clock High. It is a WWII drama, not an action flick, and surprisingly good and seemingly accurate in a world of Hollywood where looking good and proper is usually more important than being true to what happens.

Despite running until about 12:00, and the cramped quarters of the planes (made slightly better with bulkhead and emergency exit row seating), I am feeling quite well. Our 20 minute layover (by the time we took off) in Houston probably helped...walking from one gate to another.

It is good to be home, and to start tomorrow cold getting back to getting things done with the last container dropped off, plus getting some major administrative stuff done. Fun, fun, fun.

And regardless what you might think...this is a break compared to this trip to the US. The last few weeks were hard and long...getting back to the daily grind in my own bed with my wife, kids, and "routine" is something I am definitely looking forward to enjoying.

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