Monday, January 7, 2008

Serenity Now!

Hopefully you noticed this is the second posting for today. (if you have not, take a gander below...I am waiting for a new report, but the last I heard she was awake, are recuperating. (update....see picture of her enjoying a requested visit by Cecilia)

I wish this was the second because I was bringing better news.

Well, I went up to take care of Oscar's regular duties for Monday, which this week include distributing to the different clothing ministry outlets (the ones on a fixed schedule), let Camilo in to the clinic (he is periodically seeing patients while the clinic is on vacation since he is not salaried by us), and then proceeded into the garage to look for keys to get the guys working on the new clinic (footers).

It was then I hit upon something I knew I did not like. I could not get in the garage gate...something had bent down one of the lock hasps to the point where I could not slide it off. Well, we will just have to go to the door near the clinic and get some tools to straighten it back out. No big deal. I open the door upstairs, start to walk down, and there is too much light. Not good 2. Someone had pried, then cut open the roof to get in. Immediately I started looking around for what we unloaded on Saturday. Toys were strewn about, shoes all over the floor near the big door. Strewn at least means not taken, so that was not too hard to see. Then I noticed the door open on one of the containers. Not good 3. I entered, to find all of our electronic tools taken (drills, saws, cordless drills, etc.) plus our ratchet sets, tape measures, and other assorted goodies, including some nice new shovels that a Church bought for us back in July of all things that we were saving and savoring until we had absolutely ruined all the rest we had. Ah, so much for saving.

It could have been worse, as always, but we could not escape to notice that they broke the lock to the container...they knew which one they wanted to get into, and what they wanted to take, meaning this was someone we know. It would be preferable in my mind not to know that you know someone, if you know what I mean. Jorge (Church evangelist) wisely said "God bless them. I pray they come to repentance with God before they die." Amen, that is what is really important.

So, instead of a couple hours at most, it became 8 as we (Juan and Carlos stayed...the others had to go home since we could not get to the tools and the garage had to be patched) installed some new locks I had purchased on the internet (specifically for containers), cleaned up the mess, and tried to get things as safe as they can be for the short term.

Pray for us...for our eyes to be opened if something is wrong in us, or to strengthen us and give us peace if it is just the enemy provoking us.

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