Thursday, January 10, 2008

Opuestos not opposed

I have been struck more this past week as I try to work as much as possible to get caught up on different tasks, assignments, and in general keep my head buried in the computer and paperwork, as to the opposites that Valerie and I are. She is not interested in using the computer.

This is a good thing. For one, we don't need two of us on the computer. For another, her time here at the house while the clinic is on vacation I thought would mean kicking back, her relaxing and just lounging, like I would do if given the opportunity.

Oh no though...she has been clearing schedules, working things out, making more and longer phone calls than I do in....a year, in this week alone. I heard encouragement, just chit-chat, spiritual advice, and genuine interest. She has been visiting a family that is having some parental/child issues, working with someone we know to get her psychological help, and even watching Annia for several hours so Oscar and Julia could sleep while she was in the hospital.

Wow. I was listening to a sermon this morning on spiritual gifts, and it just brought that a little more home to me...I am called to do the same things she is doing, I just do not have the passion she does for them. And there are things I do that she does not have a passion for (hmmm, like blogging for example) and although ten years ago I would have scoffed or just looked weird at the idea, it makes me smile and praise God now. We are not opposites (for example, we have the same goal in our life) but God brought together our different gifts for that same goal, and that is not a coincidence.

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