Sunday, January 6, 2008

Well, we had an interesting day today. We were to play at the Union Church as usual for the past several weeks. We did not practice as normal on Thursday night, all of us opting to just meet early today to practice. However...with the recent cold, and then smack of high humidity today (ugh for me trying to get ready after running in 15 minutes to get to Church), the piano was in rough shape. So rough you could just look at the keys and see many were sticking or not working. So we practiced, struggling through (good thing I took several people's advice and bought an pickup for my guitar so we could hear something coming from my feeble effort by the way), and then decided the piano was a no go.

So 1/2 hour before Church was to start, some how a keyboard was found at a home nearby, and used instead, but it was my first Sunday to really be heard (especially with the keyboards anemic output in comparison), and thus, it kind of mattered that I play correctly and on time. There was a choir also in town who needed the piano as well, but with their great voices, it was not a problem. It was a good service, with the Presbyterian choir, flexibility in our playing be tested, and a message I think I will need to listen to at least two more times to adequately digest all the solid meat included (stay tuned at if you want to take a listen).

We stayed for the pot luck (oh, sorry, pot such thing as luck, I liked that one) lunch afterwords where Valerie's experiment of spaghetti a la hot dog went over very well. Not bad for the first time she ever made it.

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