Saturday, January 5, 2008

Contain her?

We unloaded another container today. This one a clothing container with more than a smattering of furniture and other items from Christ's Church that did not fit on the container they sent back in November.

It is weird to remember back to Oscar and I climbing into a container near Noblesville to see all that stuff to decide on whether or not to bring it down here and then see it again here today. Oddly it was about the same temperature as Indiana in November today as well. I upgraded from my long sleeve shirt yesterday to a hooded sweatshirt for sitting here this afternoon watching the US football playoffs.

Luckily having to wait for the customs inspector to come with the container did not slow us down, as we used the construction crew to unload, and they came early when we originally thought they were going to release the container to us, and so we organized, cleaned, and generally made as much space as we could. Good thing the FAME container that is coming is own we own...otherwise we would not have enough space to unload (well, wisely unload) another container at this point, and we are hoping that container will get unloaded this next week.

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