Saturday, January 19, 2008

They call her Mrs. Director!

I know nothing of Sidney Poitier, but he seems like a very serious individual. Nice name too.

Valerie though, is usually smiling a lot more often. Her name is nice too.

Among the many changes we as a mission have been going through, around or beside, is the frank realization that Oscar as clinic administrator has very little time to be in the clinic. With all the hats we wear (primarily Oscar and yours truly) with group leadership, construction, administration work, Church ministry oversight, clothing ministry direction, distribution....well, the list goes on a ways....but anyway, after some long talks and discussion, Valerie is the newly appointed clinic director.

This is a welcome change for all (maybe not so much Valerie...I told her she was not getting a raise...just kidding...I did tell her that, but it is a welcome change for her as well) as we hope to improve conditions, accounting, responsibilities and response times for the staff of the clinic, as well as free up some of Oscar's time to handle his other responsibilities. Both of us will be helping Valerie as she gets used to the new tasks before her, and I will probably be taking over some/most of the administrative duties Oscar has had to handle in the past as well. No worries, I am not changing my title....although I still prefer "God's flunkie," but I digress.

Expect more announcements soon on more changes. This time of change,"change?...we fear change!" (name that movie) is a bit stressful and frustrating at times, but oh what a good thing to know the background of these changes, that God is apparant moving through them, and the faith and trust He is giving us that they will be for our long term good.

Now, we will pause for all of us to take a deep breath, and take that first step in faith.

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