Saturday, January 19, 2008

You think you hate it now...

But wait 'til you drive it. (name that movie) Yes, that pesky container business is a fickle one, and providing many moments for thought, frustration, prayer, and flat out calling out to God, because who else would listen?

Seeing this cat as I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting to get the container reminded me, it is a fallen, cruel, not nice world. What better reminder that Paradise awaits. Especially when they are giving me the news..."Oh, but you see, the container is so ready, so anxious to leave...but the shipper now says you owe more money" $400 later, we are finally allowed to take our cargo. The shipper explaining to me their semi-bogus claims (no pun intended), and I politely responding to them "What am I going to do? You have me on the ground beating me up...all I can do is take it, or instead you just take my ball and go home!"

And yes, that is a real cat...although I did not investigate thoroughly, I was close enough for my comfort as he was driven into the customs secure lot.

So the container was unloaded (I had a previously scheduled meeting with the pastors of the Church...lucky me), I got to move a bunch of our stuff back to our house, and the organizing of the materials has begun, and will probably stay going for the next few weeks.

We have a group arriving this afternoon. Hopefully I get to feeling better...I have been having ear pain/hearing problems on my right side for several weeks and it is not seeming to go away (what a shock.) I am sure I will be posting some updates on the happenings while they are here, so stay tuned for those, and much more as things continue to evolve and change as the mission grows.

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