Tuesday, January 1, 2008

You know...

You know you have lived in Honduras at least a little while when the noise sounding as if one was in the midst of a military training zone does not phase you or even wake you much during the middle of the night.

Mind you, the celebration for New Years was less racous by a far cry from just a few years ago since the powers that be have deemed the homemade (or worse) firecrackers that used to to be ubiquitous here as dangerous and illegal. There are still apparantly places where you can get them...or some safer legal versions, but the smoke that used to fill the air was much less. And the reason for such a crackdown was because of all of the children that were hurt, burnt, mutilated or killed, and the change in policy actual implemented has been a huge success.

Here is praying that this period of 365 days will be a huge success as well...for the Kingdom of Christ.

And success defined any other way...is in reality a failure.

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