Friday, January 4, 2008

Cold enough for ya?

So I hear that Atlanta was highs in the 20s, and Florida is worried about their oranges. That would explain why yesterday and today it has been very cold here. Cold being a word that draws different things to different people. But to be sure, the leather jackets, sweatshirts with jean jackets on top of them, sock hats, gloves, and anything else to keep warm are out in force.

Yesterday it was rainy and I missed going to the gym. But today, being the man I am (or child depending on if we are using an emotionally versus physically definition of maturity) I had to get out and lift those weights. Of course the requisite run came afterwords, me in my soccer t-shirt and shorts running the semi-congested roads with people staring with even greater awe, wonder and confusion than normal as they shivered their way to wherever they were going. I suppose some of them were looking with thoughts of "gringo loco," but that is nothing new either.

With my maturity I of course took the most visible route possible, just like the Minnesotans and Canadians that wore their shorts proudly in the snow while I was at prove to these warm blooded people that in fact was not really cold!

Without running though, just hanging around the 60-66 degree house means long pants, shoes, long shirt (or shirts) and blankets. Lest it sound like I am complaining, I love this time of year when these few choice cold fronts pay us a visit and give us a little break in the great normality that is our weather. I plan to cherish my cold toes and usually long cotton that is gracing my wrists, for I know they are short lived.

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