Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catching up a bit

This week has been more of the administrative stuff, waiting in line at the banks (oh, plural by a factor of...more than I care to count) writing reports, reading stuff, getting ready for the two containers coming. Valerie, Oscar and myself mostly going in different directions (other than renewing Cecilia's long since expired passport on Tuesday)

Our brother Mark came down last weekend (advantage to working for an airline...not to be forgotten) to help with the computer school, as well as help me a bit here at the house for home office networking.
Here he is giving Karen a gift she has dreamed and prayed for over at least the past three years. God answers prayer, in case we forgot, and He answers them all...whether we like it...or not. (she liked it in this particular case, as did we that Mark was able to come)
Cecilia's passport is now being processed, should be here in two weeks. Some paperwork, new pictures, and printing out pictures as proof that we did not just find a blonde girl here on the street somewhere and try to pass her off as Cecilia, and we were good to go. $85 for a passport that is only good for five years seems steep, but what are parents to do. At least we were sufficiently derelict in our duty to have waited almost six months after it expired to get it renewed!

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