Friday, February 15, 2008

Leví 236 Blues

Leví Duron is the newest addition to the clinic work. You might have heard tell of him. He is the guy in charge of accounting daily for everything moneywise, but not Miss Moneypenny. He is also in charge of evangelism at the clinic (video playing, tracts given, praying with patients, etc.) He speaks English, not that he has to use that very often (I forgot he was a translator for us in the past...he never spoke English to me!), and hopes to return to study in the university here next semester. Pray that hiring him will help us be more financially accountable to ourselves, those that support us, and our patients (we are now giving receipts for all exams, etc. as well as for any expenses we have...this has been a long and arduous process, but a necessary one for the obvious reasons.) Also just pray for him: his testimony and witness, evangelism, and meshing well with the current staff.

In other news, the US funded wall continues to go up along the border. No, not that wall, although throwing us a bone from that money would outfit us with a even more impressive structure, but rather the wall from cut up containers to protect the one side of the Church property. Now we will have added security, no more trash or dead dogs dumped, and no more visitors of the kind that come for something other than a spirited discussion on US foreign policy as it pertains to immigration at midnight...or as the case happened to be, 8:00 Saturday morning (luckily the guys working during the week from Sampedrana were in the garage with a loaded weapon to "discourage" them from entering. Imagine the rudenss of not knocking on the door...but rather smashing into it, and then deciding to take a Biblical slant to theft and tearing a hole in the roof to lower their non-paralitical friend down. One container cut up, one more to go to hopefully get us to the bottom corner of the Church's property. Our gates are ready for garage door opener installation when that happens, and the Church has a gate for their entrance on the opposite corner.

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