Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Group it up

I have been lax, in letting you know how things are going with the FAME group here. I think about five hundred patients have been seen so far. I am preparing to leave (should be now) to get up there to head to Sampedrana for the last brigade.

Obviously this much work packed in to a short time (did I mention the clothing distribution on Sunday?) requires some interesting relaxation techniques. What better to do when almost 30 people, including us natives, are waiting in line for supper?

Oh, that and inventive ways how to best produce nutritious lunch items in a quick, efficient manner.

This group has been great, having a great mix of people that have come back for a second, third or more time, and first timers as well. As always, I am learning more via translating on frontier medicine (one can never learn enough about weird rashes I am discovering), and God is using us to reach out physically and with prayer to many that obviously need it. There have been several times when a good, scientific, explination for the pain, problems, or other abnormality is lacking. We might not be able to diagnose what is wrong with you, I tell them, but we can pray to Him who knows all things and can touch you in physical and spiritual ways we can not. There have been tears, many words of thanks, and some problems explained and much medicine given, but the most important thing is of course....that God be glorified through it all!

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