Monday, March 3, 2008

Run your race

I ran a little race yesterday. Ugh, this is the third year in a row in fact. The "eco-friendly" race they call it. Why? Beats me, I saw no reflection in anything done that would demonstrate how it was friendly to any environment besides noise pollution at the finish line.

It is a 13.5KM trek from Teguc to the small town of Santa Lucia. No big deal, except that almost all the route is up hill. Into the mountains in fact. Two reasons I go back are: 1. It is a challenge, as although I can run much further with some hills, I have not been able to run the entire route of this race (and with a group here this past week and my lack of training, my time was an abismal 1:36) and 2. It is absolutely free, and they give you some water and a t-shirt. As I have said before, it is like they are paying me to race, even though I have not lost my amateur status.

Anywho....In listening to sermons during the run...uh, I mean, race, one thing still bumps around in the corners of my mind, a quote supposedly from a missionary in India:

You can give without love, but you can not love without giving.

Interesting on many levels, is it not?

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