Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eye sore

I am trying not to think about the patient lode today. If I did, well I do not know what would happen, nothing catistrophic or anything I suppose.

Sufficit to simple "I need something to read" cases. More like (I will summarize):

1. The guy who got hit in the head eight days ago and since then his eye is turned in, the lids stay partially closed and he sees very little (oh yeah, I referred him before he barely got in the door...neuorlogical combined with opthamological? I recognize my limits quickly there)
2. A four year old with a high prescription, an eye turned in, and shyness to boot not to mention a schocking lack of being able to read and write. Shocking!
3. The five year old with the huge protusion from his eyelid and recurrent inflamations
4. The second kid that got hit in the eye with a rock at school and it was swollen to the point it was hard to get his lids open (violent schools I guess...the first kid just needed a band aid)
5. The eight year old who struggles to see 20/20 but actually has a high prescription who hates glasses, and getting picked on, and as a consequence has only used his current prescription when he gets headaches and his eyes hurt.
6. Uh, I forget the rest. It was one of those days where when someone comes in and says "yeah, we came because I went to another clinic and they referred me here to see the eye specialist" and I think to myself "well, I can not wait until they get here...oh wait, you mean me."

Do not get me wrong, I love the opportunity and getting to do that work, but being the sole one to make the decisions can be taxing. I need to pray more to get the one who really knows what is going on more involved. Pray I will do that tomorrow, my last official day working in this capacity for a while.

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