Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is in the news?

Honduras news over the past few days (yes, I am still seeing eye patients, poor souls...luckily that has not made the news)

1. Honduran melons banned from the US due to salmonella. Big deal here, and around CA (making the CNN EspaƱol headlines) and prompting our president here to make a public spectale of eating one of said melons. Cost to Honduran producers supposedly $8million daily

2. A bus accident yesterday (bus lost brakes, shock of shocks) injured many and killed 27. This will surely make a brief push for better bus inspections...that will then fade away from the limelight yet again.

3. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are touring the North coast as purely vacationers. Either their press agents are very good, or the press reports talking about how amiable and gracious they are true to life. I highly doubt I see them visiting here in Teguc any time soon.

4. More promotion for the new traffic-fuel saving initiative promoted by the president, "today you go no where" (ok, that is correctly, but loosely translated) where each vehicle will have one day from Monday through Saturday where it will not be allowed to circulate. You get to pick the day. How this will work, and especially since there will be only one week to get the stickers to identify to the police which day you have chosen...will be very interesting indeed. Especially to see if it actually saves any time, money...or fuel, which is what it was designed for in the first place. Oh what joy.

That is all. Mill about smartly.

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