Friday, March 21, 2008

Interesting oddities

I had a meeting yesterday, so despite my best efforts to not start up the car during the latter part of holy week (why leave other than going to to the clinic to check up on the workers on the new clinic?) I was out. Good meeting, discussing future possibilities of communities where we work buying coffee directly from the farmers there. We pray to God for direction on that in the future. For now, enjoy the pictures...

I was intrigued enough by this huge sign on a high visibility/traffic thoroughfare to take a picture...the sign, translated says "this property is not for sale. Inform yourself at phone number..." Now, I am almost willing to call, just to find out why it is they invested that much in a sign to tell me to call so I can find out why they are not selling. Surely it would be an interesting story....or perhaps not.

This is a picture of the current crew on the new clinic building. They worked through Thursday of this week (in a rather unnatural move on our part, we paid them for Friday as a gesture) because they all unianimously voted to do so...they needed the money. The two guys from Sampedrana are living just to the left of the area pictured, to keep an eye on all the valuable stuff out for the construction, etc. To keep them earning, they are working on some rebar projects today and tomorrow. Two guys living, and cooking in a small room perhaps 8' x 6'. And to top it off they do all their necessities in the patient bathroom outside the existing clinic. Hard work, and so far they are doing very well, and as FAME is providing the money to build the new clinic, these guys that otherwise would be unemployed are getting steady work for quite a long time by Honduran standards.
Ah, what would holy week be without burning of the fields, lots, forrests, whatever. This one looked particularily disturbing if you were living down wind, which it looked like quite a few people were(winds out of the North unusual this time of year...keep reading)

Those North winds are part of a very, very unusual cold front moving in...during what is typically considered the hottest week of the year. Now, Thursday I saw cheap pools on sale at the grocery store and bought one for Soren. At $9, how could I go wrong? Well, wrong with the cold front moving in and Soren thinking that as soon as water was deposited, we were good to go. I made him wait until the afternoon. He went in with gusto (even using a plastic chair on the porch for an ill-advised cannonball...which was funny to see him realize that although it looks soft, the bottom when your bottom hits still hard)but after a couple teeth-chattering dips, and me even trying for a few minutes to use a hose to route from the hot water heater...he still looks with awe and desire...but that quickly wanes when he barely gets tootsies planted. Long sleeve shirts and sweat pants were the order of the day today. I plan on getting in...perhaps in April sometime.

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