Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eye matey

Day one yesterday of the experiment of me seeing eye patients went relatively well. I did get some much appreciated practice on CD ratios and all sorts of other fun stuff as well, like being thankful there were no patients when we opened...because all the handhelds I would have used had no charge. Our lack of practice time with Valerie meant I did not know of the phoropter's "quirks" like a lens missing, and the projector requiring fingers of steel, but after some initial stumbling it all seemed fluid...enough anyway.

To say I felt comfortable would have been a stretch, and although I have yet to need it, I always remember the saying that saves one who is in over his head: "when in doubt, refer out."

Doing anything there though is great, because you are sharing Christ in how you treat anyone who comes in, and in what we can recommend (or not) instead of being driven by any other ulterior motive. I was surprised that 1/2 my patients Monday were there for their first eye exam.

Pray this will continue to go well tomorrow (after running errands today) especially considering the other responsibilities I have to fulfill during the day (besides the patients...clothing ministry jobs, overseeing the construction, running an errand for the next arriving container, hopefully that will be it.)