Monday, April 28, 2008

Stay strong

In the face of difficult circumstances. Those that know Lilian can be praying for God to come into her heart, to change her from the inside out (sorry for those that cling to free will), and also be praying for Valerie. The struggles, problems, denials, and wide swings from hard to softer heartedness are taking their toal on...both of them, Lilian seeing the consequeences for her actions and Valerie as her heart aches and she works so hard to do what she can to see a change in Lilian.

You can also pray for the burgeoning (did I spell that right? Spell check in blogger seems to not wrk vry well) women's counseling ministry. There have been some problems there in communication and understanding that the project is independent and not a Church ministry, and that is causing some problems. I am to meet with pastor Jorge this afternoon to talk about a bunch of different things relating to the mission and the Church, and then at 4:00 the leadership group and Valerie (possibly including myself if there is someone to watch the niños) will meet with him to hopefully straighten everything out.

And while you are at it...keep praying for the work in San Juancito and Cantaranas, for San Juancito that the construction would be completed soon (we just recently helped them purchase the needed materials to complete the roof...not in concrete as we hoped, but tin metal, as we did not have enough funds for a second floor at this time), and for a smooth transition as that would be the time Jonatan would take over in San Juancito as well as with the new work in Cantaranas.

Thanks to those of you that have been such an encouragement in this difficult time. Luckily this all happening is not by coincidence, and God is guiding and directing us through it all. Praise God for His faithfulness, love, guidance, and direction.

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