Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fly me to the moon

Yesterday, well, it was a day to praise God in several different ways.

Some frustrating, with some issues at the clinic (people working with be expected) the kids (they are children born in sin after all...they do a pretty good job over all), and just work to be done and for some reason only 24 hours in a day.

I had to think to remember the frustrating part. God be praised in that as well, because He is in charge through it all and guiding and directing us through/in it.

Through what can only be many God directed steps through several opportunity came up through a brother with frequent flyer miles who wanted to donate them to the mission. By the end of the day (the end of the day!) I had in my inbox the tickets I am going to need for the trip to the US this fall. I had been struggling with that for a little while because they were going to cost the mission upwards of $1,300 when I checked prices online.

Coincidence that this year I am planning on flying three times in October-November and these miles were available to use? Coincidence that this man who donated them was moved to donate them by God, and in time for us to use them?

I argued with my grandma when I child, but I learned some years ago what she already knew...there is no such thing as a coincidence. There are Godincidences. Coincidences are just another way people try to put God in a box, another way to diminish what is God's absolute and total sovereignty over absolutely everything. I am starting to get on my soap box. I better get done and back on point.

Praise God not just for these tickets...but that I could get just a glimpse of Him working in many lives just in this tiny little event, and may He forgive me yet again (yes, I am already forgiven...another talk for another time) for being so short sighted and focused on what was just in front of my eyes.

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