Monday, April 14, 2008

Week wrap up, I guess

I see that upon coming back to the has been a week. That just typifies for me this past week. I had lofty, nice, good, and tremendously complex goals of getting the mission finance reporting organized, up to date, and something for our board to get a look at to see where we go from here, how, when, etc. Changing this big part of the work has already produced fruit, but getting it all written (or keyboarded) down, printed out, etc. takes time to do it right. Hopefully when I get this all done, subsequent months will be easier. Bringing my mental concept of receipts for everything and every receipt in its place to a third world country, a mission made up of professional people...but not accountants, and this guy who thinks he knows what he wants but sometimes finds himself at a dead end quite an interesting row to hoe, as it were.

Then last week happened. Emails had to be answered, things had to be purchased, etc. Not to mention that our lost wayword container of excess donations from back in November was finally corraled and unloaded, and then right after that the latest clothing container (sent about a month after the other one if that gives you a taste of the mixed up nature of that one) was unloaded on Saturday.

Every day was productive, just not as I had intended. Guess what I hope to get accomplished this week?

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