Sunday, April 20, 2008

A little help

Friday I picked up Mark and Susan. Mark works for Delta, so they were able to fly down here without any major moolah, and be here until Monday. It is always nice to have visitors, and when they come to help, even more so!

Susan helped out with Valerie, especially this weekend since we added another member to the family (how corny does that sound) with a kitten from Lilian's family. Sisko is his name. (you will have to ask if you are curious as to how we came about that name.) Not to mention being an encouragement to Valerie, the kids, and Lilian, helping get things done and have some is just nice to have her here.

Mark came down to get a better look at the clinic and the new walls, how we are doing on the construction process, and how he can help us (even further...he has already helped us a ton get donations that are currently on their way here on a Master Provisions container) with the wiring of the building when we get to that phase.

Add to that helping me at home with some computer/technical issues...quite a few of them, and I feel like I just jumped ahead several years on the technology game. (I now have a fax!....and a copier!....and a scanner, all in one! Whoo hoo!) And can better work into the night now by better accessing all our documents and things from the laptop wirelessly. Very cool.

Now I need to get going and put all those improvements to work!

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