Thursday, May 8, 2008

Break your heart

Today was our trip to La Oki for clothing distribution, and afterwords heading to see the Church in Sampedrana and the new soccer field. On the way back we planned to do some corn distribution with corn Gender already had up there.

The clothing distribution was less than we were anticipating due to the school teacher's lack of communication to the community. We got to see the new field though, which looks....incredible already even without the walls and fence we will eventually get put up. The group quickly seized the opportunity to play frisbee on the relatively pristine surface.
Distributing the corn was heart breaking. We started breaking up into smaller groups and into a few different homes. I went with one of the groups, and we went into a small, dark, very warm home where a woman was with her four year old son. I asked her some standard questions to get to know her, and then she told me of how her six year old daughter had just recently died from malnutrition. The doctors had prescribed enfamil (or something similiar) but they had no money to buy such expensive "medicines." I stood there, ready to pray as I have before to people in difficult circumstances, and it was as if the Holy Spirit inside me just let me are going to cry for her while you pray. I stopped, mustered my composure, said "let's pray" and knew from before the first word. We finished a very emotional and God directed prayer suffering and mourning with her, reminding ourselves of God's sovereignty in this world and over all us. Whew. Then we finished and she asked me to pray again, her mother also just died in the last month.
Anyone live near you? Yes, my brother and his family. So off we went with another bag of corn. We get to the home...and the "woman" in charge was six years old, watching her three year old sister, not to mention the chickens and pigs in their very small house. Add that to the fact that they had a radio and the song playing was one special to me for many reasons "More than Words" and I was ready to cry all over again.
Emotional day for everyone...several such stories abounded. God is working in us. Praise be to Him for that....may that be used to glorify him more here in Honduras, in Bloomington...and to the ends of the earth.

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